We have operated in this sphere of activity since 1947, building a wealth of knowledge over several decades of practice.

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Our vast knowledge and our many years of experience have resulted in a detailed appreciation of the specialised area of intellectual property law. Our team are members of the legal profession who have been duly admitted to the Maltese Bar and who practice in all areas of intellectual property law.

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SALOMONE SANSONE is the only firm in Malta that is dedicated almost exclusively to Intellectual Property law. All members of our team have vast knowledge on all procedural, administrative and legal matters relating to the IP scenario in Malta. Our practice services the requirements of both international and local clients and we have been acting on behalf of many of the world’s most innovative and successful companies since the opening of our office back in 1947.

Above all, we have a passion for what we do and are available for our clients around the clock, 365 days a year, with no exception.

Professional consultancy

We assist clients in forming a strategy for the protection of their IP, with specialised legal counsel available for the purpose.


Enforcement of intellectual property rights is one of our main pillars. Throughout the years, we have assisted a large number of clients in enforcement matters.

Searching, Filing and prosecution of applications for registration

We have a fully dedicated IP search team, specialised in trademark, patent and design searches. Our Administration Department is responsible for the filing and prosecution of IP applications, assisted as necessary by the Legal Department.

Maintenance of registered trademarks, patents and designs

We have a very prominent IP Administration practice, as we handle a very large amount of patent renewals on a monthly basis in Malta.


Fees and costs vary according to the nature of the service required as well as the intricacies which a particular task might entail. Our staff will be very happy to deal with your requests for quotations in a given case or cases.

Why Choose Us

We have a passion for what we do, and we can only do it by being fully dedicated to our job.

  • Specialised Personnel

    Both at Professional and at Administrative levels, we are specialised in intellectual property matters.

  • Availability and Support

    Our office is designed to handle any query on a "same day" basis. Our level of support is therefore designed to the highest level.

  • Experience

    A wealth of experience has been accumulated in 70 years of practice.

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